Aruba - Take 2

Just (well, a week ago, but work was blazing white hot upon my return, so no time to write :) got back from a week in Aruba, and my experience this time around was completely different…

[caption id=”attachment_52” align=”alignnone” width=”225” caption=”Greetings From Aruba!”] Greetings From Aruba! [/caption]

This time, we rented a time share my wife’s boss graciously allowed us to occupy at well below market rates.

It was positively awesome.  We were at the Playa Linda time share, sandwiched between some of the better hotels along the beach (We had the Westin on one side, and the Hyatt, Radison, Occidental and finally the Taj/Ritz on the other.).

I had always been rather down on time sharing - who wants to go to the same place every year? Well, my eyes have been opened.  We’re not about to go running to buy one (We still want to visit a bunch more places first) but I can now absolutely see settling down someplace that you love to come back to every year.

The unit we rented was very nice.  You get a separate sleeping area, a nice little living room with 2 couches (one fold out in case you have guests) and a decent size LCD TV .  The kitchenette is equipped with everything you’d need to keep house for a week - pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc.

We had amazing weather while we were there, it was in the 90’s most of the time, but with those trade marked Aruban trade winds, it didn’t feel opressively hot at all (Though you really have to watch out for the tropical sun, it can kick your butt :).

The beach where we were sat in between two piers, so there’s no terrible rip tide threatening to pull you out to sea.  The sand is coral, rather than granite based like the beaches in NH around here, so it’s silky smooth.

We spent our days going from pool to beach, seeing the sights on the island and having dinner either with our hosts (who graciously cooked two amazing meals for us while we were there) or taking advantage of some of the excellent restaurants on the island like Madame Jeanette’s - it’s a uniquely Caribbean restaurant in that the seating is largely outdoors.  If you visit the island, that’s definitely one not to miss.

I wish I’d taken a camera other than my iPhone along with us (I kept it in the room most of the time for fear it would melt :) there was wildlife everythere.  Sand Pipers, Turns, and Iguanas were all sharing the pool and beach with us, which my wife and I enjoyed immensely (Some other guests not so much, people get freaked out by lizards for some reaosn :)

Anyway, it was a week of utter fun and relaxation in the sun, and we’ll definitely be back.

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