Civility is…


  • Civility is not cowardice.
  • Civility is not giving up.
  • Civility is not support or endorsement.
  • Civility does not make you a victim.
  • Civility is not weakness.
  • Civility is strength.
  • Civility is poise.
  • Civility always has the upper hand.
  • Civility may lose a skirmish, but it always, always wins the war.

Keep fighting the good fight, do not meekly surrender to that which you believe to be wrong, but always seek to change minds and win converts by engaging those with opinions where you differ in civil discourse. This is one of the founding principles of our country and an absolutely vital part of what it is to be a patriotic American.

I steadfastly believe that if we abandon this crucial tenet we will cease to be the great democratic experiment we take such pride in and become that which we most despise.

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