Dear Mayor Menino

If you think banning violent video game sales to minors will reduce the murder rate…

You are deluding yourself.

What I find really troubling here is not the actual ban itself (I can’t think of the last time I bought a video game, much less a violent / gory video game, inside Boston city limits) but instead another step in the direction of absolving parents of the responsibility of raising their children.

All one has to do is simply look around at the scads of minors smoking tobacco - a clear and present danger to anyone’s health - to see that government regulation is not the answer to what is in reality a social problem.

The media has been making allusions about this being an attempt to mitigate the recent rise in murders in the Boston area. I see this as a cop out on the part of the mayor’s office. Rather than attacking the actual social problems at the root of this trend, they stand on the highest mountain top and make a lot of noise while slapping an utterly ineffective band aid over a sucking chest wound.

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