GNU Terry Pratchett

Recently, pretty much the entire geek/fandom community was in full on mourning over the death of fantasy author Terry Pratchett .

He was incredibly prolific, authoring scores of books, but nearest and dearest to my heart are his Discworld books and Good Omens which he co-authored with another of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman .

His death was no surprise to anyone as he had made his fight with Alzheimer’s public, but that doesn’t make his loss any less keenly felt by his fans.

In response his fans created the GNU Terry Pratchett project.

I won’t repeat the superb explanation the site gives (Go take a look, it’ll cost you maybe 30 seconds and is really quite delightful :) but suffice it to say we geeks can be fairly inventive about remembering our dead.

Suffice it to say that whenever you read my blog you will, in some small whimsical way, be honoring his memory.

RIP Terry Pratchett.  I will be laughing out loud while reading your work for some years to come :)

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