One Blog, One Heart (Let’s get together and feel alright!)

OK so I couldn’t resist the Ziggy Marley reference :)

As I mentioned in a previous post on the old blog, I’m switching to Wordpress , because, honestly, Typo is a royal pain for anyone who isn’t already a top notch Ruby on Rails coder.

So, please don’t expect any more posts on the old link / feed - You can get the new RSS feeds and all the other groovy info from this (the new blog) hosted here .

Also of note to my much appreciate LiveJournal readership - the original idea was that I would keep an external geek blog and only cross post to LJ when I had something not even remotely geeky to say. The truth is that these days, I end up doing a lot of work that I find personally exciting and fulfilling, but that the world at large wouldn’t. So, I’ve enabled the LiveJournal cross poster that Wordpress supplies and hence can stop thinking about where to post what. I hope my LJ friends will tolerate skipping the occasionally geeky post when I *do* have something of note to say :)

I’ll keep the old blog up in case someone wishes to Google some nugget of wisdom from it (Yes, I know using Google as a verb is suspect, but really, it could be much, much worse.) and ask my few but faithful readers to please update their feeds.

Thanks and happy holidays!


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