Dear Amazon and Penguin - Why Can't You Kids Play Nice?

I received a piece of E-mail from Amazon a few days back apologizing about the fact that my pre-order of the latest Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel had been canceled, offering me a really cheap price on the print edition.

A couple of days and a great deal of "WTF?" later (That's What The French, this being a family friendly blog and all :) I trotted on over to Jim's website and found an explanation.

Essentially, Amazon and Penguin are bickering over the sale price of the book.

I would *happily* pay full hard cover list for the Kindle edition of the newest Dresden novel.  Jim Butcher is my favorite urban fantasy author, and when these books come out I get them the very first *instant* I can and then become some sort of literary crack fiend, obsessively trying to find excuses to crawl off into a corner and page flip.

So I guess I'll run down to Porter Square Books and buy the dead tree edition, but this is what I bought my Kindle for!

On the up side, I've been feeling guilty about not supporting my local independent book seller of late, I guess this is an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and pony up!