Rock Band 2 Special Edition Box - Awesome :)

My wife was kind enough to indulge my penchant for video games this evening by helping me unpack and set up the Rock Band 2 Special Edition box.

It's quite a production! Lots of parts and a bit of part a slot b assembly, but the totally picture based instructions were clear and the instruments were very well constructed. Each part that needed to be inserted into another gave a satisfying click when it was seated properly, and everything had a very rugged feel - no chintzy plastic pieces or flimsy parts.

The tutorials are excellent and get the player up to speed with his/her instrument very quickly.

I quickly settled into playing the bass track with the guitar - there were many fewer notes so the songs were much easier to handle.

My wife tried the drum set, and looking at her track as we played the songs I was struck by how much harder her end of things was. She also mentioned a couple of times how sensitive the drums were to being hit exactly on center.

So next time I'll try the drums and she'll give the bass guitar a shot :)

Anyway, I am very very impressed. As a fan of Harmoinix from way back (I own Frequency for the PS2) it's a lot of fun to watch them evolve the genre.

Looking forward to having some time to practice some more, and maybe try out the microphone!