So I got a new keyboard (WASD Code 104 Key)

Readers of this blog will know that I love mechanical keyboards. Traditionally I go for the super clicky Cherry MX Brown switches.

However, my next door neighbor at work very politely informed me that I was driving him stark raving bug house with the machine gun like sound of my typing.

So, after some heart felt recommendations from my coworkers I bought a WASD Code 104 Key Keyboard.

It's a nice compromise. I'll always prefer the superior tactile feedback of the Cherry MX Brown switches, but given that each key doesn't issue that satisfying (or annoying, depending on your perspective)  CLICK, typing on this keyboard is still extremely comfortable.

The keyboard offers some great features. One of my favorites is a set of DIP switches on the keyboard's underside that allow for hardware configuration of a number of important characteristics. For instance with the flip of a switch I turned on "Mac Mode" which put the Command/Apple key in the right place among other things.

I also find the white backlighting this keyboard offers to be very pleasing to the eye. If I'm honest with myself the cool green backlighting is one of the features of love about my Razor Black Widow Ultimate.

The only down sides I can cite for this keyboard are the lack of pass through connectors for USB and headphones. Both my DAS and Razer keyboards have these and they're very handy for things like hooking up your mouse.

Overall it's a great keyboard and I'm pleased that I can type comfortably without annoying the crap out of my coworkers :)