The One Feature that Keeps Me Addicted to Chrome

I've been using Chrome for the last few years, and generally speaking I'm pretty happy with it.

However recently Google has made some decisions (notably the on by default voice search features) that make me question the wisdom of that choice.

I also very much enjoy using Firefox, a 100% open source browser that's very actively developed by the awesome folks over at the Mozilla Foundation.

There is one feature that keeps me from making the switch though, and that's their 'multiple profiles' feature. So, in my case, I have one profile for work stuff and another
for personal.

My personal profile is signed in with and has all my personal default tabs, bookmarks and saved info, the other has all my stuff for my current job.

Sure, Firefox can have multiple profiles too, but Chrome makes it seamless, even allowing you to have a browser window open with each profile simultaneously. So I can keep
my personal browser window open when I feel like it, Check my Gmail etc, but if I'm in deep focus mode I can close it altogether and POOF, it's gone.
I submitted a feature request bit of feedback to Input but I'm sure they're deluged. Who knows, can't hurt, and I do think the fine folks over at
Mozilla are worth getting behind. It's important to have a major browser that's free of commercial controlling interests.

As always, just my $.02!