Yay and Boo all in one breath: The Amazon Kindle Development Kit (KDK)

Amazon has finally come out with the details around their Kindle Development Kit (KDK) you can read the details here.

This is absolutely great news for the J2ME development community, this is a mainstream device from a big name manufacturer where they can ply their existing skill set or port their existing apps.

However, I'm a bit disappointed. I realize that the Kindle is meant as a light weight device, but I have always found J2ME's I/O model to be rather cripplingly baroque in so many ways.

Looking over Amazon's APIDoc however, it does seem like they've built their own infrastructure atop J2ME, so perhaps they've made it easier and more pleasant to code for.

I'm torn between wanting to get in on the ground floor and not wanting to invest the time and energy in learning a technology (J2ME) which I feel has gone way past its expiry date.

Anyway, we'll see but I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one.