Quite a whirlwind couple of weeks.

I guess the big news in my life of late is that I turned 40 last week!

My wife and friends put on a really incredible party. They went over the top decorating our house - it was beautiful. Everyone who came seemed to have a wonderful time, and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Party aside though, it’s interesting how (for me anyway, other people differ I’m sure) birthdays that end in zero inevitably engender a kind of check pointing. An opportunity to step back, try to take an objective look at things, and say to ones self “Am I where I want to be, and if not, how can I get there?”.

There are definitely a bunch of personal challenges I intend to take on over the next decade (Around things like self discipline and career direction) but on the whole I am exactly where I wanted to be.

It amazes me that 10 years have flown by since I turned 30.

Thinking back, I was much less happy and well adjusted at that point, and there were many things in my life I wanted and needed to change.

I was beginning to see foreshadows of certain decisions I had made and paths I was treading down, but didn’t have enough confidence in my own instincts and intuition to take evasive action before it was too late.

It took a few years for things to spiral down to (for me) rock bottom and then, once I made the tough changes that needed making, another couple of years to enjoy the healthy bachelor life and truly recover, but by thirty seven / thirty eight I had met my wife, and things have gotten steadily (and dramatically!) better since then.

So as I look back across the last decade, I can’t help but be reminded of how lucky I am. I have enjoyed the support of friends and acquaintances near and far. Each of them has contributed in some meaningful way to who I am today, Thanks, everybody! It’s been quite a trip.

On to the next decade!

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