Sleeeepy (And old :P)

I’ve noticed that as I get older, getting enough good sleep has become more and more of an issue…As I get older, I find my need for sleep decidedly increasing. Not so much the amount of sleep, that has remained relatively stagnant at around 6 hours minimum (with a minimum of 1 or 2 8+ hour nights thrown in for good measure) but the degree to which the lack of the required sleep effects me and my ability to do my job.

When I was younger, I could pull two or three all nighters in a week with virtually no ill effects. Now, a night with 4 or 5 hours sleep, or a night where my sleep is disturbed by something or other has a real and noticeable effect on me the next day.

I know all the excess weight I’m carrying around isn’t helping, and hence I’ve been exercising religiously, burning about 300 calories per session, which has definitely begun making a dent in my overall weight (I won’t mention numbers yet for fear of jinxing it. I find it’s best not to talk progress until I’ve lost a truly significant amount of and kept it off for a while.)

We bought a treadmill and an exercise bike about 6 months ago now, and those have been invaluable. The ability to exercise at home at my own convenience means I can stumble out of bed, down the stairs, and onto the treadmill so that before I ever have the chance to talk myself out of it, I’m on the treadmill or the bike chugging away.

So, thankfully things are moving in a positive direction. I just have to keep at it, not fall off the horse (again having the equipment in the house eliminates a myriad of excuses!) and be patient.

It’s heartening for me to see a bunch of the younger folks I work with decidedly not falling into the same trap many geeky people from my generation were bitten by. They’re incredibly health conscious, and pretty much all have incredibly rigorous work out regimens and are scrupulous about tracking their weight (One guy has his bathroom scale broadcast his current weight to his Twitter feed. Think I’ll pass on that one, thanks :)). I know we’ve all heard the saw about establishing good habits early, but in this case it can’t be emphasized enough.

Anyway, pardon the slightly unfocused ramble, but this stuff has been rattling around my head wanting to be written for a while.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer!

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