Ah, Sweet Sanity!

Woo. So, as I indicated in my old blog, I have switched to Wordpress. Typo is nifty and all, but it's still hackerware and seems unlikely to veer from that course any time soon.

Much as I love Ruby, I am still clueless about Rails and truthfully, even web development in general (I have now learned the basics of CSS - but apparently not enough to be dangerous yet, and I *still* don't know Javascript.)

WordPress does everything I need with a modicum of hassle, so that's the direction I'm moving in now.

This does mean you'll need to update your RSS links. The new link is here: https://www.feoh.org/?feed=rss2

However being Wordpress, it also supports Atom, and a bunch of others.

Anyway, look for more and more interesting bits in this space now that I can stop wrestling with the infrastructure and actually say something for a change!

Merry Christmas, Happy (belated!) Channukah, and a happy new year!