Another whirlwind weekend in Manhattan

This was first and foremost a visit to spend time with my wife's family...

... But as always we managed to sneak some fun in between the cracks.

We had brunch at Vynl. This place is downright fun, from the records decorating the walls to the album jacket menus to the bathrooms each with their own unique theme - The Beatles, Madonna, etc. Happily, the brunch food is actually quite good. We had and can enthusiastically recommend the banana pecan pancakes, the brioche french toast, and the make your own omelette option. The large glasses of tasty fresh squeezed orange juice are also a nice touch.

A quick stop at the Manhattan Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and were amazed at the multi-national throng as we jostled our way in only to decide that the shopping we'd hoped to do for a relative was impossible, and found our way out again (The place was packed - hundreds of people at least).

Later in the day while trolling around for something to fill a couple of idle hours, we ended up at the King Cole Lounge at the gorgeous and elegant St. Regis Hotel. If you're lucky enough to get a table (We only scored one due to the generosity of a couple whose party unexpectedly shrank due to the departure of some friends) you'll be treated to a viewing of a beautiful Maxfield Parrish mural depicting King Cole looking on bemusedly at the festivities. The drinks are stiff, well made and very tasty, and the bar snacks are unusually good. I had a Big Apple Manhattan and the ladies got Pomegranate martinis which both got rave reviews. Apparently, the Red Snapper cocktail they serve here is the ancestor to the modern Bloody Mary.

Having wiled away the aforementioned time in tipsy elegance, we made our way over to
Shun Li Palace where we met up with some other family for dinner. This is perhaps not the most authentic Chinese food I've ever encountered, but wow is it tasty. Also, the atmosphere is decidedly upscale. There is a significant wine list, and the staff are decked out in full suit attire.

Between too many bar snacks and a lovely dinner, we waddled back to our hotel (Yay Priceline. We'd never have stayed there otherwise) and passed out in a happy blissful drink and dinner induced haze :)