Apparently hell froze over - Apple made Safari into a usable web browser!

For a long time I have *wanted* to be a Safari user...

But every time I would try I would end up using it for 5 minutes and then find myself butting heads with a site that's entirely unreadable using it.

My hard core Mac zealot friends would wave their arms and say "BUT THOSE SITES AREN'T STANDARDS CONFORMANT!" which is probably true, but there are times I simply want to be an end user, and web browsing is one of them.

Happily, with version 1.3 Apple seems to have improved the HTML, CSS and Javascript rendering support enough that all of the sites that I tested which used to fail utterly or render useless results under older versions now work like a charm.

Kudos to Apple for having had the sense to bring their default web browser for OSX up to the excellent user experience standards exhibited by the rest of its environment.