Usage peeves I have no business having

I am at best a poor writer. Even so, certain things get under my skin...

  • If I never hear or see the word "the" intentionally misspelled as "teh" again, I will be a happy man.

  • 3lyt3 5p3ak can just GO AWAY too, really.

  • Just sayin'. This may have been effective about 20 years ago when the first person who propagated this meme, but now it's tired. So very tired.

  • ebonics - I like rap. A good friend many years ago in college walked up to me one day when I was ranting at some friends about how I thought rap was just chaotic noise and nothing else, and said "Rap is one of the most politically active forms of music on the planet, and that's a fact.". He was right. All that's beside the point though, ebonics are seeping their way into main stream speech in ways I find most unfortunate. It can stop any time now.

  • Wassssssuupppppp!!! - the original Bud marketing campaign was brilliant, and even funny in spots (I still enjoy the sushi bar version - Wasabii!!!) but this meme is so tired it needs to be taken out back and shot - a mercy kill at that.

  • Calling everyone "Kid" whether they be 18 or 80 - Maybe the denizens of Southie can get grand fathered in on this one, I dunno, but the rest of you should really stop watching those Martin Scorsese.

As I said above, I realize that in truth I have no business at all airing my English usage peeves, because in truth I am a sloppy writer and a downright poor grammarian. But anyway, I feel better having gotten them off my chest :).